Operation Tulip Drop 2.0

Fredericksburg’s favorite flower event returns for 2021…with a twist! Donate bouquets of tulips to your local first responders, nursing homes, teachers and hospitals.

What is bloomia?

Fresh flowers from our farms to your store, with no middlemen or complications. That’s a promise that bloomia made long ago, and continues to make good on today.

Since the moment we saw the first flower blooming in our greenhouse, we knew we were doing something beautiful. We keep growing sparks of joy that bring color to your everyday. When we say our flowers are “Grown With Care”— we mean it.

We ❤ Our Employees

Employees are our most valuable resource. 

Nothing is grown, packaged or shipped at bloomia without our hardworking and dedicated staff. We are a diverse, capable team that’s focused on continuing the rich tradition of quality and service that bloomia has become known for. From bunching to sales, growing to logistics, every member of our team is valued and integral to our success.

A Rich History From The Netherlands

A tradition of quality, efficiency and compassion. Discover the more than 80 year history behind bloomia.

April 10th, 2020

Operation Tulip Drop 2.0

Last year, Tulip Drop brought happiness and joy to the community and it is time to share happiness with tulips again.

A Different Take On Tulips

Like our flowers, bloomia’s success didn’t happpen overnight. Our progress is the result of more than 80 years of innovation, commitment and persistence. 

But bloomia cares about more than just growing beautiful flowers. We value our role in our local community as well as the responsibilities that come with being a good corporate citizen and compassionate employer. 

Grown In The USA

bloomia's tulips are certified American Grown with our main greenhouse located in King George, Virginia.

Fair Food Program

bloomia is among the first in the floral industry to join the Fair Foods Program, ensuring workers fair and competitive wages.

Become A Vendor

bloomia tulips are currently available at retailers in 31 of 50 states. Want to add yours to the list?

Bigger Bulb, Better Tulip

Bulbs provide flowers with the raw energy and nutrition needed to grow. bloomia uses a larger bulb than the conventional size, providing a better, more vibrant flower. They are grown hydroponically, a process without soil that produces incredible, gorgeous flower offerings every season of the year.

Business Is Blooming

As one of the largest producers of fresh cut flowers in the world, bloomia’s built success on fostering mutually beneficial relationships with buyers. We have buiilt productive relationships with 14 different retailers, including Whole Foods, Publix, Trader Joe’s and Kroger.

With four locations around the world, including the Netherlands, Chile, South Africa, in the United States, bloomia continues to grow more than 75 million stems each year.

Where To Find Our Tulips

We're Here To Help

Questions about our tulips, our company or working with bloomia? Contact us!

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