Bloomia’s frequently asked questions

• Where do your flowers come from?
We grow our flowers with care in our greenhouses in the USA, Chile, and South Africa.
• Why I Haven't Heard From Bloomia Before, When It’s Been Around For 70 Years?
For decades, our production in the Netherlands, USA, Chile, and South Africa went by four different names. In early 2017, we underwent a brand refresh and decided to merge all of our operations under one international company - Bloomia. Same unparalleled flowers, new name.
• How are your flowers 'Grown with Care'
Everything we do is guided by our commitment to improving the wellbeing of our planet, employees, and communities. As a result, our customers receive top quality flowers, produced and delivered in a conscious way.
• What is Bloomia's mission?
Our mission is to become the global leader in sustainably grown, thoughtfully designed, and consciously delivered floral products.
• How do you plan to achieve your Mission?
Challenging the status quo in terms of beauty, innovation, and success; being a highly productive and efficient company that maximizes long-term return, and making our customers, our teams and our communities happy.
• Why Bloomia wants to make people happy?
In order to build a sustainable future for the flower industry, we have to make sure people are happy with how we produce our flowers and how they experience them. Sustainability, quality, style and purpose are all part of our happy business model.
• What is 'Blooms for Hope'?
The initiative is another way for us to make people happy. Through Blooms for Hope, we will partner with organizations and people set on making a positive impact and use our product as a resource to help them reach their fundraising goals. For more information on how we can collaborate, contact us at
• How can I offer Bloomia flowers in my store?
We sell and deliver high volume orders directly to shops and retailers all across the USA, Chile and South Africa. For specifics, contact our sales team at
• But I'm not a retailer, where can I purchase Bloomia Flowers?
Stay tuned! Soon, on our website, we will launch a product locator to help you find local retailers that carry our flowers.

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